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How to equip a bakery?

How to equip a bakery? What to look for?
What equipment will help us run a pastry shop efficiently?
What else is worth paying attention to and what gadgets will be useful in the kitchen?

How to equip a bakery? What to look for?

Mastering the art of baking takes dedication, practice, patience, and a sense of taste. Starting a bakery business requires a lot of money to buy the highest quality baking equipment. If you are a baker planning to start your own bakery business, you probably already have some of the specific plans needed to implement. With a promising business location, a team of professional confectioners and a delicious menu, we need to invest in top-class baking tools that will help in preparing, baking and serving food. Whether we offer delicious pastries for a quick snack, artistically decorated cakes or traditional artisanal bread, appropriate kitchen equipment of our bakery – confectionery, will significantly contribute to improving efficiency, which will translate into customer satisfaction – and thus – financial results.

What equipment will help us run a pastry shop efficiently?

For the larger-scale baker and confectioner, baking equipment is the foundation of a successful business. Here is a list of kitchen equipment that we should have for a pastry kitchen:

  • oven – is undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment in a bakery. Both gas and electric ovens are suitable for use in a business setting. Cakes and puffs are best baked in electric ovens, while gas ovens are ideal for moist baked goods such as cakes, cookies and the like. Gas ovens have more capacity and storage, making them great for large orders;
  • microwave oven – a microwave oven is essential for heating pastries or bread. Several bakeries use combi-microwave ovens, which are excellent for heating large quantities of baked goods. If we want eating customers to be able to be in our artisanal space, then a microwave oven is a smart investment;
  • a commercial refrigerator and freezer is necessary to store whipped cream, semi-finished products necessary for the production of cakes and other products that require refrigeration. The capacity of the refrigerator should be about 500 liters. It would be nice if it had a stainless steel case and a two-door vertical static chiller and digital display. The refrigerator should be able to store a lot of products and keep food fresh for a longer time.

What else is worth paying attention to and what gadgets will be useful in the kitchen?

To open a successful pastry shop, we must invest not only in high-quality baking equipment, but also small and relatively inexpensive, but useful confectionery gadgets. Cooking surfaces and worktops should be made of stainless steel, as they are easy to sterilize and prevent the transfer of undesirable excess heat during key stages of the cake preparation process. Concrete countertops are sturdy, granite is cooler even than stainless steel, and wood surfaces are inexpensive. So let’s choose the right combination of surfaces depending on the bakery’s menu and preparation requirements.

Here is a list of tools that we must always have in our kitchen:

  • knives;
  • different sizes of measuring spoons;
  • chopping boards;
  • pots and pans;
  • mixing bowls;
  • food processor;
  • mixer;
  • mixer with many settings;
  • hermetic containers.

Before purchasing baking equipment, the following aspects should be considered:

  • quality – let’s choose equipment that is reliable and of high quality;
  • space – let’s buy kitchen equipment that will fit into our kitchen space and be easy to use;
  • maintenance – for an investment in bakery equipment to be profitable, maintenance of the equipment and kitchen space is essential. Before buying, let’s think about how easy it would be to clean it. To ensure maximum use, let’s teach employees how often to maintain and clean specific kitchen equipment.

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