Polagra 2023

Polagra 2023 at the Poznań International Fair
Polagra 2023
Dedicated program of events

Polagra 2023 at the Poznań International Fair

On January 13-15, 2023, the Polagra Premiery International Agricultural Fair was held for the ninth time. Nearly 20,000 participants gathered at the Poznań International Fair. Over 200 representatives of brands presented their products from the agricultural industry. At over 180 fair stands, we could get acquainted with well-known and completely new products. More than 100 of the latter have appeared! Polagra 2023 is a real treat not only for representatives of the agricultural industry, but also for everyone interested in science and environmental protection.

Polagra 2023

During the Fair, we could directly confront such representatives of global companies producing agricultural machinery as:

  • KUHN,
  • CLASS,
  • MZURI,
  • DAF,
  • bin,
  • UNION,

The fair included 3 pavilions with the Poznań Congress Center congress pavilion. In addition to agricultural machinery, the fair brought together companies that research and implement innovative and pro-ecological technologies in the field of plant cultivation and animal husbandry. We could also meet the winner of the MTP Group Grand Prix 2023 award in the innovative product category. It turned out to be an autonomous laser system that farmers can use to control weeds in their fields. This product – Agri Jabocus – is the fruit of Agrocom Polska Jerzy Koronczok. During the fair, anyone interested could talk to representatives of the creators – including Polish – of modern applications and software whose task is to support modern farms.

The Hosted Buyers program has been launched to enable global relationships. It is a tool thanks to which we attract desirable people from the perspective of exhibitors, in other words, potential customers, to a given event. An extraordinary event was also the awarding of the MTP Group Eco Prize in the category of ecological solutions. The winner of this award was the DirectInjekt system. allowing for ad hoc use of a plant protection product in case of emergence.

Dedicated program of events

In this year’s edition of Polagra, the organizers focused on a well-thought-out program of events, which they addressed to representatives of various groups. In establishing relations with the Wielkopolska Chamber of Agriculture, the Wielkopolska Young Farmer’s Day was organized, which enjoyed considerable interest. The event attracted over 1,000 students from agricultural schools all over Wielkopolska. Another important undertaking taking place during the Fair was the 15th edition of the Rapeseed and Protein Crops Producers Forum. This time, attention was devoted to the stabilization of the rapeseed production process in Poland and the final products: oil and biodiesel. Among the interesting events, a seminar on improving the quality of Polish soils deserves attention. The overriding objective of the program is to support cooperation in the field of agricultural technology and production between Polish and Dutch institutes and enterprises. According to the exhibitors present at the fair, a big advantage is making many purchase transactions for their presented products. The next Polagra 2024 fair is next year!

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