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Solar Energy Expo 2024

Solar Energy Expo 2024 – on the way to a green future
Business on the wave of green energy
Building Ecological Awareness

Solar Energy Expo 2024 - on the way to a green future

The Solar Energy Expo 2024 fair, taking place on January 16-18, 2024 in Warsaw, was an impressive forum for presenting the latest achievements in the field of photovoltaics. Over 300 exhibitors from Poland and abroad gathered to present a wide range of products and services, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, energy storage and much more. Visitors could count on a rich substantive program, including conferences, discussion panels, workshops and presentations. Industry experts shared their knowledge and experience, discussing, among others:

  • trends in the development of photovoltaics during the lecture “Photovoltaics 2024 – Forecasts and trends”;
  • challenges and opportunities for the Polish renewable energy market on the discussion panel “Polish photovoltaics – Challenges and prospects”;
  • legal and economic aspects related to the installation of solar panels during the seminar “Photovoltaics for home and business – Legal and economic aspects”.

Business on the wave of green energy

Solar Energy Expo 2024 is not only a presentation of innovations, but also an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts. B2B meetings organized as part of the event made it easier for companies to find business partners, distributors and investors. During the fair, numerous seminars and training courses were also held dedicated to entrepreneurs who wanted to develop their business in the photovoltaics sector. Experts advised, among others:

  • how to obtain funding for the installation of solar panels at the seminar “Grants for photovoltaics – How to obtain funding”;
  • how to build an effective sales team during the training “Building an effective sales team in the photovoltaic industry”;
  • how to promote your services on the renewable energy market during the lecture “Photovoltaics Marketing – Effective Promotion Strategies”.

Building Ecological Awareness

Solar Energy Expo 2024 emphasized not only business aspects, but also ecological education. The organizers have prepared a number of events addressed to the general public, including:

  • educational shows presenting the operation of photovoltaic installations;
  • competitions with prizes testing knowledge about renewable energy sources;
  • children’s play zones with ecological games and educational toys.

The aim of these activities was to raise public awareness of the benefits of using renewable energy sources. Visitors could learn, among others:

  • how photovoltaics can reduce electricity bills during the show: “Photovoltaics – How to reduce electricity bills”;
  • how to increase energy independence at the lecture “Photovoltaics – The road to energy independence”;
  • how to protect the natural environment during the “Ecological benefits of photovoltaics” workshops.

The Solar Energy Expo 2024 fair is an event that could not escape the attention of anyone who cared about the development of green energy in Poland. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, establish business contacts and expand your knowledge of photovoltaics.

During the fair, we visited the following exhibition:

  • INSELL company (based in Łódź, Łódź Voivodeship), dealing in the distribution of electrical, electrotechnical, energy and photovoltaic products:

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