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Solar powered vehicle

1. A breakthrough in the automotive industry – Aptera Motors solar powered vehicle
2. The solar powered vehicle is a gem of our time
3. Solar energy vehicle – the art of building a car
4. Additional “goodies” advantage of the car
5. Aptera now available on the automotive market
6. Apter specification

A breakthrough in the automotive industry - Aptera Motors solar powered vehicle

There has been a breakthrough in the production of vehicles. It deals with a key issue: the energy on which the car is based. Not only ecologists are undoubtedly happy with such news. The matter of environmental protection is undoubtedly our common, global interest. We are probably all fed up with the stench of gasoline and gas, which we used to rely on in the automotive industry so far. An automotive start-up based in San Diego has created a three-wheeled solar powered vehicle. It does not require charging from charging stations.

The solar powered vehicle is a gem of our time

Designed by Aptera Motors, the futuristic Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) is an eco-friendly vehicle. It contains over 3m2 of solar panels that are integrated into the body. According to the manufacturers, therefore, this configuration allows the driver to cover up to 45 miles (72 km) per day and up to 11,000 miles per year (17,772 km). All of this is entirely made of solar energy.

An additional advantage of the car is that it can also be connected to a charging source like any other electric car. Its so-called fast charging provides the maximum charging model with a range of up to 500 miles per hour.

Nasz wbudowany panel słoneczny zapewnia pełne naładowanie akumulatora. Gdziekolwiek chcesz, po prostu jedziesz

said Chris Anthony, co-founder of the company

Solar energy vehicle - the art of building a car

The slim, light, two-person vehicle is made of lightweight composites. However, they are much stronger than steel. The unique shape of the body, on the other hand, makes the car even “float” in the air with an unprecedented coefficient of air resistance, which is 0.13 !

Additional "goodies" advantage of the car

The manufacturers of the vehicle in question have equipped it with improved sound with the SafetyPilot system (autonomous driving assistant on level 2), as well as a pet safety diverter. They also made sure to fit an integrated tent and a rear awning for camping. The vehicle also has an off-road kit, while adding panels to the hood and hatch can increase the range by another 24 miles.

Aptera now available on the automotive market

Aptera is now available for pre-sale and the first deliveries are expected to begin in late 2021.

Certainly, the car will meet the needs of city dwellers who live in sunny regions of the world. It is undoubtedly an excellent ecological vehicle. The car appears to be a good announcement and a good chance that more producers of such ecological ones will appear in the future. This would result in lower prices for buyers.

Apter specification

  • length: 4.4 m
  • height: 1.4 m
  • 0 to 60 mph: 3.5 seconds
  • the top speed is 110 mph, or 177 km / h
  • daily range in miles in the sun alone: ​​45 miles or 72 km per year for solar energy: 11,000 is 17,772 km
  • efficient solar cells built into the body structure: 180
  • total area of ​​integrated solar panels: 3m2
  • battery range, depending on the model: 25-100 kWh
  • Apter weight: 800 kg with a 60 kWh battery.

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