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The best CRM systems

1. The best CRM systems – 10 best systems
2. Order in documentation and disclosure of the risk of data loss
3. Best CRM Systems – Overview of CRM software
4. HubSpot CRM
5. HubSpot marketing opportunities:
6. Fresh Sales software
7. System Pipedrive
8. Zoho CRM
9. Nimble
10. NetHunt CRM
11. The best CRM systems – advantages of CRM implementation in the enterprise

The best CRM systems - 10 best systems

Before we discuss the CRM systems most often chosen by business owners, we explain why it is basically this system. I also tell you why it’s so early for today’s enterprises and give tips on how to guide your CRM investment. CRM software is an acronym for the English phrase Customer Relationship Management. In simple translation, it means “customer relationship manager”. So there is a whole harvester of tools that, after being implemented in our company, streamlines many activities. WArto effectively in the best CRM systems.
It will also help in efficient communication between the client and the client, as well as facilitate communication in the company, making it more friendly. The tools that make a name for professional CRM software developers are sure to help create long-term relationships with your audience. In addition, after the implementation of CRM, we have the ability to control the sales process and analyze value assessments. Thanks to the discussion of CRM software tools, we can plan activities and share them between employees and monitor the effectiveness of work. By implementing this improvement, we can also involve subordinates or functional staff in well-thought-out projects and campaigns. Thanks to this software, we can collect information sources and we have tools to enrich them. Sales process and customer communication in place? Yes. To CRM in a nutshell!

Order in documentation and disclosure of the risk of data loss

If we were to mention other facilities offered by the implementation of CRM software, we must definitely mention the minimization of the risk of losing important documents. Thanks to CRM, we can have everything organized in a virtual space. Importantly, on the market of CRM software we have a lot of different systems at our disposal. Before we implement them in our company, we must take into account the factors that will determine the choice of specific software. Some of the main features determining this choice are:

  • the size of our company;
  • company structure and number of employees;
  • specification of the company and the level of diversity of the tasks undertaken; – the number of contractors, the number of customers and the frequency of contacts and information exchange with them.

    Best CRM Systems - Overview of CRM software

    The purpose of this article is not to motivate you to invest in a specific CRM program, but to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of those available on the market. Therefore, we should think about which system would best meet the expectations of our company.
    here they are!

    HubSpot CRM

    – works best in commercial companies. By investing in this software, we have time-saving tools and functions at our disposal. We can also easily capture our potential customers. All because of the possibility of creating a database with detailed information about customers. The undeniable advantage is the possibility of using the free version. We can also update data and get access to all possible tools in this CRM

    HubSpot marketing opportunities:

    …contact management and planning – we can link our e-mail box with the clients’ CRM and synchronize them efficiently;
    chatbots and live chat;
    information about sales planning – we can provide commercial directors with the entire sales process;
    so-called lead nurturing and email – we provide our potential customers with valuable information about our products on an ongoing basis;
    over 300 possible correlations between the tools used and the possibility of investing in new tools and functions
    access to tools thanks to which we can efficiently manage advertising and monitor the return on costs that we have undertaken for campaigns in social media and in Google
    we can freely operate on the platform both from a desktop computer and from a mobile device.
    importantly, the program in question has a free set of functions and leading tools that we will use when running a micro-enterprise. As the needs grow, we can, of course, invest in new, extensive tools.

    Fresh Sales software

    If we invest in this program, let us know that it is based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to it, we can intercept useful e-mails and have full control over the company. The main functions that Freshsales gives us:
    we can automatically assign promising customers and classify and evaluate them in terms of susceptibility to purchase our products and services;
    the program gives us a tool to watch over transactions. We are able to evaluate our contract by way of sale and lead to its implementation;
    thanks to the support of Freshsales, we can gather a database of promising customers.
    Because the program is based on AI, we can be sure that the automation services are at a high level. Another advantage is the wide range of integrations thanks to advanced applications, such as Zapier or Piesync. We also have an interface that will facilitate the process of updating data from the support department. Another advantage of the program is the possibility of a 21-day free trial. This program also gives us tools to improve customer service by e-mail and telephone. We can also send personalized welcome messages, and listen to voicemail in our absence. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can track events and previous communications. This is especially true for companies where a lot of effective conversations need to be carried out. We have CRM in Polish at our disposal.

    System Pipedrive

    It is definitely dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, specializing mainly in sales. If, moreover, it is focused on streamlining tedious activities and managing the customer base and transactions, At the moment this program is able to create a database of 90,000 customers. To date, users have made over $24 billion in transaction flow on this CRM platform. This software comes with a lot of tools. Thanks to the sales assistant, for example, we can get new tips that will allow us to increase sales. In addition, we can create reports of various types, e.g. about sources of potential customers, reports on conversations with customers. Custom reports allow us to assess likely revenue.
    Thanks to the Pipedrive platform, we can include information about the client in an unlimited way, due to the non-standard number of fields reserved for this purpose. Like previous systems, Pipedrive uses mobile apps. So we can use the platform beyond the reach of a desktop computer. The “sales assistant” function will work well when we need to save time and establish contacts with potential customers more efficiently. By choosing Pipendrive, we can make non-standard divisions in creating a lead base. For laymen – leads in e-marketing are nothing more than “potential customers”.

    Zoho CRM

    The Zoho system already has over 150,000 worldwide, so on this basis we can say that it has a package of useful tools. Thanks to advanced CRM and AI analytics, we can integrate data and get important news. The Sales Enablement tool will allow us to gain access to sales scripts. Zoho CRM gives us functions such as: reporting, sales management and gamification. (We discussed this concept on the website). The discussed CRM system is simply a tool potentate for companies. It is highly configured, we can successfully organize data import and export. Zoho CRM developers offer us versions in several languages ​​and over a hundred integrations with Google, Linkedin or Outlook. By using this system, we ensure calendar management at the highest level. There is also a mobile version of the system and a free plan for up to three company employees (the so-called freemium plan). Thanks to Zoho CRM, we are able to forecast the number of products sold and market trends.


    We are unlikely to have a problem with this CRM tool, given its exceptional ease of use. This tool works in the Office 365 and G-suite inbox. Thanks to Nimble, we have access to our transactions as well as company information and contact database. Using Nimble, we can fully control the management of relationships due to, for example, sending group emails and tracking functions. Nimble is coupled with mobile phones, while the Prospector tool allows you to use the Internet. Although only one plan of the discussed tool is available, it allows us to fully plan work and assign instructions to employees. Nimble is characterized by the presence of a redesigned contacts application, i.e. a varied widget, as well as a calendar, offers and tasks. We can also be sure of integrations with companies such as Gmail, Hubspot, Mailchimp and Outlook.

    NetHunt CRM

    NetHunt CRM is a system that works with various applications and with our Google account (cloud). The platform allows us to efficiently manage all applications and system functions. Thanks to the use of this CRM system, we can track the status of our potential customers and manage the entire sales cycle. It is quite an intuitive platform coupled with Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin and Mailchimp. This system allows us to send personalized emails to many users, is multilingual and has a mobile version. The platform allows us to successfully store and sort relevant data, and importing and exporting them is easy. NetHunt is also compatible with mobile devices.

    The best CRM systems - advantages of CRM implementation in the enterprise

    It is worth knowing that the above-mentioned systems are few of all available on the current market. In the future, there will certainly be much more of them and more and more advanced ones. Most of them have similar functions, of course they differ in some respects. Due to the variety of functions, it is worth considering which CRM will be the most beneficial in the industry we represent. Their common denominator is – of course – streamlining our breakneck and time-consuming tasks that we perform every day in the company. While it takes some time to familiarize yourself with the tools and features of the software, it is worth the effort. Certainly, thanks to this, the level of organization and order in our company will increase. However, activities will be properly distributed among all employees, which will allow to maintain good communication between employees. In addition, CRM allows you to maintain positive contacts with contractors and potential customers. The best CRM systems will take over the enterprise.

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