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What are the characteristics of a good ERP system?

1. What are the characteristics of a good ERP system? What does its usefulness depend on?
2. Let’s clear up some foreign-sounding abbreviations
3. What are the characteristics of a good ERP system? – usability and mobility
4. What is RWD and what creature does it fulfill?

What are the characteristics of a good ERP system? What does its usefulness depend on?

We have already written a bit about what to consider when choosing the right ERP system. We also mentioned that depending on the type and size of the company, we should choose the right payment model for our needs. In this article, we will devote some attention to the issue of genuine usability of ERP software. What are the characteristics of a good ERP system? What does its real usefulness depend on? Whether our software will pass the test in our company depends on the commitment of the company’s employees and their willingness to develop. All the functional advantages of the software will be useless if we do not fully use them.
A good ERP system should therefore be transparent, and its tools and functions should be quite easy to learn. Nothing is as discouraging as the sight of an incomprehensible platform that we reluctantly, incorrectly (and fearfully) use. Then, paradoxically, we get more losses than benefits from the implementation investment. When we choose an ERP system suitable for our company, let us know that it is a choice tailored to the contractor. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the manufacturer’s offer is complete. How does it look in practice? Manufacturers equip a well-functioning ERP system with a variety of tools. These are WMS, BI, DMS or B2B class tools. This gives a lot of possibilities.

Let's clear up some foreign-sounding abbreviations

In the above paragraph, we have listed most of the enigmatic-sounding abbreviations. So let’s expand them:
• WMS – Warehouse Management Software. Warehouse management software. This is the main tool thanks to which we can control and optimize activities and processes in a logistics company;
• BI – Business Intelligence is a process in which we transform specific information into information. We then draw specific knowledge from them and use them to increase the value of our company on the market;
• B2B – Business to business, business for business. We understand this concept as a form of relationship between two companies. These companies are usually based on sole proprietorship;
• DMS – Document Management System, in English, document management system

What are the characteristics of a good ERP system? - usability and mobility

When implementing ERP into our IT system, let’s make sure that it is helpful with the most necessary modules and tools. In addition, remember that good software should be intuitive and convenient. On linguistic intelligibility:
• small number of clicks for operation;
• location in a visible place and using the given shortcuts of software functions;
• the use of configurable widgets (number characters) and comfortable shortcuts that are auto-suggestive;
• ERP developers using various text interfaces, easy graphics that are attached to the menu items;
• the ability to implement the use of keyboard shortcuts;
• use voice commands and gestures, additionally replace with written content.
In extraordinary times, we imagine life without mobile internet, It gives us a lot of possibilities. See, for example, check your inbox, feel in the checkout queue, or zero in the employee report made in the service. Pioneers in the production of ERP systems provide us with many applications mobility services. They can include:
• web technologies, including applications – we can use them via web browsers
• cloud capabilities – thanks to them we can use the ERP system on almost every computer. the music was made available through the interface. You do not need to buy hardware or install additional software.

What is RWD and what creature does it fulfill?

In the header, the abbreviation RWD, unknown to laymen, will appear. Let’s expand. RWD stands for Responsive Web Design. In simple translation, it means “responsive web design”. What does it mean in practice? Suppliers design the user interface in such a way that they can be compared to the parameters of the device we use.
The point is precisely that we adapt the character and shape the usable space to the resolution of the screen. Any given platform will be clearly visible on our mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop). ERP vendors are also adapting the capabilities of their software to touch screens. Thanks to this, we can use the platform both with a classic mouse and keyboard, as well as with a touch panel. Thanks to additional ERP software, we can also use selected system functions.
Providers provide us with native applications, which are one of the mobile applications. It is known that we only build them for one operating system. What does it increase with? With the exception that a separate application must be written in a programming language for each platform. It is definitely more convenient than the responsive full app option. It is worth knowing that producers of mobile applications use the possibilities offered by devices. We have the main GPS source here. Helpful field workers in route planning will gladly take advantage of this. Importantly, some ERP functions can also be used offline. Check it out, for example, saving customer data when we don’t have access to the internet, e.g. on a mountain trail 😊

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