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Ameca’s humanoid

1. Are Ameca’s humanoid and other machine learning products the future?
2. Ameca, a robot with a human face!
3. Sensors are the secret of the Ameca robot’s skills

Are Ameca's humanoid and other machine learning products the future?

Until recently, it was hard for us to imagine a situation in which a robot replaces the work performed by a human. Over the years, we have become eyewitnesses to the process of robotization and automation of many processes. This process became present most quickly in the production department, and as a result, many employees of the so-called mental ones felt safe. “After all, only physical activities can be automated” – sounded internal monologues 🙂 Whoever had a more developed imagination, however, already knew that repetitive activities, which are not necessarily strictly physical work, can also be automated. We have many programs at our disposal that replace the breakneck work of many people: in banking, in accounting, in programming (sic!), in stocktaking, in invoicing… There are many types of activities that we can already successfully improve.Humanoid Ameca is, among others, a response to these needs.
Self-service checkouts are becoming more and more popular, so there is a breakthrough in retail. Job cuts in many areas are inevitable. So is it ethical? Yes, the development of civilization and adaptation to current market needs is a natural course of things. The one who is not progressing…really is regressing. What about professions such as journalist, TV presenter, telemarketer? Exactly. Even in these fields, artificial intelligence comes into play. You’ve probably talked to a bot on the phone more than once, which is being improved more and more on the level of intonation and substance. Machine learning is the newest times! Let’s get back to the profession. The humanoid Ameca may soon replace representatives of even these professions.

Ameca, a robot with a human face!

At the British company Engineered Arts, scientists have presented a refined version of a humanoid robot. The Ameca robot – because that’s its name – has a face that is equipped with twelve actuators. These actuators are responsible for facial expressions and expression of human-like movements. In a word, Ameca is a human imitation on every level, and as a result of machine learning, it keeps improving! We could see it for the first time at CES (Customer Electronic Show) 2022. Specialists programmed it in such a way that it can combine individual gestures with a specific facial expression. The humanoid robot can make a hand wave gesture, shrug, show a hand and even yawn. What’s more, he is also familiar with emotions such as surprise, and he also signals to speak louder to him, for example.

Sensors are the secret of the Ameca robot's skills

The phenomenon of Ameci’s construction is related to the presence of sensors whose task is to track movement in the space in which it is located. At the height of the chest, the developers placed a high-resolution camera for the robot and two cameras on either side of its eyes. Engineered Arts declares that the robot in question is the most human-like robot. Morgan Roe, the company’s chief operating officer, promises that for now, Ameci’s task will be to operate in the field of service robotics. This means that for the time being it will not cooperate with humans for at least the next dozen or so years. We can watch Ameca during events, especially during the January CES. She then acts as a hostess. This fact may therefore raise anxiety about your job in the hostess industry and more.

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