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Dogs – robots from Boston Dynamics

1. Dog robots from Boston Dynamics work in the military
2. Ghost Robotics company presentation

Dog robots from Boston Dynamics work in the military

Nobody expected such a scenario. It turns out that artificial intelligence products are already used in the military! Currently, strategists use them to patrol Cape Canaveral and to guard airports. What are the advantages? They will not be a surprise. Robot dogs behave like a living dog: they walk on four legs. Boston Dynamics specialists designed them in such a way that these dogs are able to respond to human commands. Currently, their main task is to monitor the aforementioned Cape Canaveral. Why did the strategists put them there? First of all, this is exactly where the American space rockets take off, so the reason seems obvious. Dogs – robots from Boston Dynamics were previously tested by the US Air Force. Their task at that time was just to patrol the airports.
In addition, these robots were subjected to a data sharing test in the context of the Advanced Battle Management System project (ABMS). This system consists in the fact that the commander has messages that are delivered to him at the same time by all units. We can mention in this respect: drones, soldiers, vehicles, and finally robots. The robot dog is a model with the official name Vision 60 Q-UGV. The programmers of this product have provided an appropriate and clear description. Let’s paraphrase it. This dog is fully defensive function, regardless of the weather and the prevailing aura.In addition, we can use it in various environments: natural and in those where human interference is strongly visible.

Ghost Robotics company presentation

The dog – a robot from Boston Dynamics is a product that the developers from Ghost Robotics presented for the first time during the AUSA fair in the USA. United States space force strategists have the opportunity to test robot dogs, and they have a difficult task. The Space Launch unit – because we are talking about it – is designed to monitor all rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center and from the aforementioned Cape Canaveral. In this combat task, the artificial intelligence products just discussed are now being tested. What is the robot dog phenomenon? First of all, the programmers equipped them with a wide range of optical sensors and those sensitive to sound. Thanks to them, these dogs perceive acoustic and visual stimuli well. They are like an imitation of human eyes and ears.
Interestingly, they can operate both as a result of human intervention and independently. The robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics are also a substitute for communication hubs, helping to deliver information beyond the framework of the infrastructure. Robots also allow for the reduction of people who would be needed for patrolling. The dogs provide image, location and sound to the appropriate bases via Starlink satellite links. Importantly, they are resistant to difficult weather conditions (they won’t catch a cold 😊) and we can equip them with a tail with a flow engine. Such a tail would enable a robotic dog to swim.

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