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Beauty Days 2023 fair

Beauty Days 2023 fair in Warsaw, i.e. everything for health and beauty
Workshops and lectures
Additional events from the hairdressing industry
Other events during the fair
Ecology in cosmetics

Beauty Days 2023 fair in Warsaw, i.e. everything for health and beauty

From September 13 to 15, Warsaw became the epicenter of the latest trends, innovations and inspirations related to the world of beauty during the unique Beauty Days Fair. This three-day event attracted both professionals from the beauty industry and cosmetics enthusiasts, creating a space for sharing knowledge, experience and discoveries. This event was an excellent opportunity for e.g. cosmetic brands to present their latest products. From innovative formulas to ecological packaging, from cult classics to fresh premieres - all this could be found at the exhibitors' stands. Participants had a unique opportunity to test the products for themselves. We could discover new textures and aromas and obtain valuable tips from specialists in given subject areas. Beauty Days 2023 will be remembered for a long time.

Workshops and lectures

The Beauty Days fair is not only a place to shop, but also an educational platform. The event included many workshops and lectures conducted by experienced experts. The topics were wide and varied - from makeup techniques, through skin care, to modern trends in hairdressing. This is an ideal opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills. Let us present the events that took place during the fair:

  • Conference "Packaging for the Cosmetic Industry - Trends and Requirements" (Polish Chamber of Packaging)


  • Speeches:

Mr. Adam Fotek - JS Hamilton "Care for the Chemical Safety of Cosmetics Packaging";

Mr. Łukasz Jadanowski - Dekorglass Działdowo "Innovations and Trends in the Field of Glass Packaging for Cosmetics";

Mr. Adam Uptas - GreenTree "Plant Packaging - Alternative Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry";

Junior Youth Training for Hairdressing Competitions.

  • Interesting lectures:

MAX ŁUKASZEWICZ "Cuts & Separations" Developing skills in the field of haircuts and separations, crucial for success in today's world of hairdressing;

VLADISLAV POZHOGA "Men's Look 2023/2024" A unique look at men's trends in 2023/2024, dedicated to real men who value style above all else.

An extraordinary episode during the fair was the presentation of nominations to the National Team of Young Craftsmen, as well as the presentation of the rules of the Competition. This event distinguished young talents in the hairdressing industry.

Additional events from the hairdressing industry

Speech by two Dietitians: "The problem with excessive hair loss from the perspective of a Dietitian. Diagnostics, Nutrition and Supplementation", talks on diet and ways of eating well;


"Quick Coloring Techniques for Haircuts and Updos";

Can fast techniques be accurate and meet customer expectations? Absolutely. Properly personalized coloring and cutting techniques that allow you to perform the service well while saving work time;


"Warsaw Barber Style";

The style of the Warsaw Barber in the hands of a Master;


"Men's Haircuts";

Movement Academy will reveal its techniques for the first time on the Polish EXPO Stage. News from the world of Movement;

  • KOVAS – PASKAL: "KOVAS Men's Massage and Care Shows";
  • "Creative Art Cutting Long Men's Hair Look 2023/2024".

Other events during the fair

During the Beauty Days Fair, it was worth participating in events such as:

  • Interview with the Young Craftsmen Foundation

"Modern Development of Youth and Crafts in Poland";

  • TAHE + Milena Kwiatkowska

"Trychology and Transplantation";

Beard or maybe hair transplants? The world of Tahe and Trichology is one.


"Free Style Techniques - Feel the Power of Youth Style"


"Free Style Techniques - Feel the Power of Youth Style"


Ecology in cosmetics

More and more brands pay attention to ecology and sustainable development. The Beauty Days fair was an excellent opportunity to present environmentally friendly products. From packaging to ingredients, many brands are committed to protecting the planet, which is becoming more and more appreciated by consumers. The Beauty Days fair is not only a place for trade and learning, but also an excellent opportunity to build relationships. Meetings with industry representatives, exchange of experiences and even establishing cooperation - all this became possible thanks to the atmosphere of openness and cooperation prevailing at the event. To sum up, the Beauty Days Fair in Warsaw not only provided participants with unforgettable beauty experiences, but also became a place of inspiration, education and building a community of cosmetics enthusiasts. This is an event that will definitely be included in the calendar of all beauty lovers for years to come.

During the fair, we visited the exhibition of a manufacturer of herbal analgesic ointments. Mrs. Janina Sierocka (Balsam Janina, Żagań, Lubusz Voivodeship):

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