DREMA 2023

The industry flourishes at DREMA 2023 – wood and furniture industry enthusiasts from all over the world met in Poznań
Meeting with industry leaders and the latest trends
Thematic zones and accompanying events
DREMA For Children
Trends and competition

The industry flourishes at DREMA 2023 - lovers of the wood and furniture industry from all over the world met in Poznań

In the world of carpentry and the woodworking industry, events take place every year that win the hearts of both enthusiasts and professionals. This time, the focus is on DREMA 2023 – the international trade fair of machines, tools and components for the woodworking and furniture industries. They took place on September 12-15 in Poznań. This event not only presents the latest technologies and solutions, but also becomes a place for inspiring meetings and knowledge exchange. The event attracted the attention of both wood industry enthusiasts and hobbyists, as well as experienced professionals from the wood and furniture industry. Taking into account the diversity of participants, the organizers took pains to create a space adapted to the needs of both groups. For DIY enthusiasts, a special, more affordable entry ticket has been prepared, allowing one-time entry to the fairgrounds on a selected day.

Meeting with industry leaders and the latest trends

The DREMA 2023 fair is not only an exhibition of machines and tools, but also a real feast for carpentry enthusiasts. The participants included many producers and distributors of well-known and reputable brands in the discussed industry. The organizers of the DREMA fair do not limit themselves only to the traditional exhibition formula. For them, modern fairs are not only a place to present products. It is also a platform for exchanging thoughts and experiences. Andrzej Półrolniczak, director of the DREMA fair, emphasizes that the idea of ​​the event is to engage partners and industry leaders in various activities, such as debates, conferences and shows. Trade fairs become not only a shopping place, but also an inspiring event.

Thematic zones and accompanying events

The DREMA 2023 fair offers a wide range of thematic zones, among which DREMA Tools and DREMA Hobby stand out. This is where carpentry enthusiasts can find a full range of tools dedicated to both professionals and hobbyists. Additionally, the Live Woodworking zone is a real feast for the senses, where visitors could not only watch, but also take part in workshops conducted by experienced craftsmen.

DREMA for Children

It is also worth emphasizing the charity event organized during the DREMA fair. As part of DREMA for Children for Ukraine, live furniture production took place. All furniture produced will go to the most needy children from orphanages in Ukraine. It is not only a presentation of modern production technologies, but also a beautiful initiative aimed at helping those in need.

Trends and competition

A novelty of this year’s edition was the Trend Zone for Furniture, a place for presenting the latest trends in furniture design. Moreover, the Knowledge and Youtubers Zone was an excellent opportunity to learn about the work of famous Internet creators. Their experience and knowledge will allow fair visitors to explore the secrets of wooden crafts. For those who like competition, the DREMA fair prepared the Polish Nail Hammering Championship, where you could test your precision and experience. The competition exhibition “Conjured from Wood” was an opportunity for secondary school students to present their skills in creating original objects from wood.

The DREMA 2023 fair is certainly an event that attracts the attention of both professionals and carpentry enthusiasts. It is not only a place to shop, but also a platform for learning, inspiration and building a community related to the passion for wood. Is it worth being where tradition meets modernity? The answer is yes, especially at DREMA 2023 in Poznań! During Drema we visited the following exhibitions:

  • Union of Euro pallet Manufacturers UIC, which brings together entrepreneurs producing and/or repairing Euro pallets on the basis of licenses issued by, among others, Rail Cargo Austria – QBB. (Ząbki, Masovian Voivodeship):
  • FANUC, which has been dealing with industrial automation since 1956. Currently, it is a global company whose offer includes CNC systems, industrial robots, vertical machining centers, injection molding machines, wire cutting machines, drives and laser technologies (Wrocław, Lower Silesia):

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