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Greenpower, Expower, H2 Poland

Greenpower, Expower, H2Poland fairs – out of concern for ecology
Conferences and interesting lectures
Conference of the magazine “Energy and Recycling”
Energy storage market in Poland
Greenpower, Expower, H2Poland fairs – out of concern for the future of nature
Installation industry demonstrations
Company anniversaries and MTP Gold Medals
Stands visited

Greenpower, Expower, H2Poland fairs - out of concern for ecology

During the GREENPOWER fair, over 200 exhibitors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, China and Belgium presented the latest photovoltaic and energy-saving technologies for both business and home. The fair brought together people who design, build and install intelligent and modern energy-saving systems in both the public and private sectors. Marcin Gorynia, the director of the GREENPOWER fair, emphasized that a great advantage of the fair was the opportunity to participate in numerous conferences and lectures. They touched on topics related to the most important issues in the industry. These presentations were very popular among the visitors of the fair. The Greenpower, Expower, H2 Poland fairs at MTP are an opportunity for many meetings of people who care about environmental protection.

Jarosław Markiewicz – a representative of the EC Group – presented the manufacturer Jolywood and their N Type technology. It presented the developing technology and the manufacturer’s approach to investment and investor security. EC Group is an Authorized European Distributor of the Jolywood brand, a leader in N Type technology. More information on this technology could be obtained at the EC Group stand.

Conferences and interesting lectures

During the conference “RES in the power grid” organized by Enea Operator, topics related to connecting renewable energy sources to Enea Operator’s grid, cooperation with DSO III and connecting RES to Enea Operator’s grid were discussed. Marek Rusakiewicz, Vice-President for Operations of ENEA Operator, emphasized that the company has connected 4.8 GW of RES power to its network, including about 1.4 GW from prosumers. The rest is mainly solar and wind sources. Rusakiewicz added that Enea Operator has recently become a leader in connecting renewable sources.

Grzegorz Marciniak – director of the Measurement Information Management Department at Enea Operator – presented information on the management and proper functioning of the power grid by Enea Operator. Tomasz Pawlicki – manager of the Network Development Planning Office at Enea Operator – explained the formal and legal aspects regarding the connection of renewable sources in his lecture.

Conference of the magazine "Energy and Recycling"

The editors of the “Energia i Recykling” magazine organized a conference entitled “Opportunities and threats for RES in the era of energy transformation”. Its aim was to discuss new perspectives for renewable energy sources in Poland. This event was an excellent opportunity to discuss the future of RES in Polish homes, companies and offices. Specialists representing the market of modern sources of production, distribution and storage of renewable energy were invited to the conference. The institutions involved in financing these projects also took an active part in it. In addition, specialized lawyers related to these areas of business presented detailed information on government declarations announcing additional support for the development of RES in Poland.

Energy storage market in Poland

The PSME energy storage forum, organized by the Polish Energy Storage Association, provided comprehensive knowledge about the energy storage market in Poland. Formal and legal aspects, technical and business models of energy storage use, as well as the rules for selecting appropriate solutions were discussed. Fair participants also had the opportunity to obtain more information at the stand of the Polish Energy Storage Association.

As part of the event, Marcin Michalski – a doctor of technical sciences specializing in Energy and a graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology – gave a lecture entitled “Energy storage for photovoltaic installations – types and methods of control”. In his speech, he presented various commercial energy storage solutions for photovoltaic micro-installations and control methods that take into account the maximum consumption. The event was organized by ATUM.

Representatives of the law firm Norek & Partners – Attorney Agata Pawlak-Jaszczak and Attorney Adrianna Janicka – discussed issues related to the lease of land for the construction of a photovoltaic or wind farm. They discussed topics related to the stages of implementation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, the ownership of real estate in the context of the implementation of RES projects. Also, the aspects of lease agreements and declarations of property owners have not been omitted.

During the conference “Directions of energy transformation in 2023. What is worth investing in?”, organized by SMM Legal, attorney Dr. Marcin Trupkiewicz – partner at SMM Legal – presented the topic of energy transformation of Polish enterprises. Mec. Piotr Szwarc – attorney, Senior Associate – discussed issues related to connecting RES to the grid and using direct lines in the light of changes in the law. Attorney Damian Osiak raised the topic in the lecture “Legal framework for the functioning of local energy cooperatives” and discussed the directions of legislative changes in this area.

Greenpower, Expower, H2Poland fairs - out of concern for the future of nature

The editors of the “Globenergia” magazine organized the traditional Energy TalkShow, which covered many topics. The situation on the market of photovoltaics (PV) and solar collectors (PC) was discussed, as well as the programs “Clean Air”, “My Electricity” and “My Heat”. Anna Będkowska, editor-in-chief of, and Jarosław Guzal, editor-in-chief of, also answered questions about the introduction of a new energy class system for buildings and related EPBD issues. Bartosz Romaniszyn, representative of GoHeat, discussed the issue of selection of heat pumps. Robert Nochta, development director at Vitalo Group, gave a lecture entitled “Drivers for the Future: 3 Vitalo brands at the forefront of the green revolution”. .

Dawid Piaskowski, Senior Manager for Key Clients of EDORADCA, discussed the issue of supporting Polish entrepreneurs in obtaining financing for their development activities through subsidies and tax reliefs. Adam Kościelniak – managing partner of A-RES – gave a speech entitled “Investments in RES and their financing”. Jan Załęcki, President of the Management Board of RELATION MARKETING, discussed the stages of building a company in the renewable energy industry, also talking about expanding the portfolio of renewable energy services, determining competitive advantages, development models and customer satisfaction surveys. The Polish Climate Forum was the organizer of the Distributed Energy Forum 2023 under the slogan “Distributed Energy and climate neutrality”.

Installation industry demonstrations

The #OSFISTeam team invited visitors to the GREENPOWER fair to present the installed heating technology devices that are modern and environmentally friendly. The show included the installation of heat pumps with underfloor heating and automatic control. #OSFISTeam professionals performed the installation which was reviewed by industry experts. OSFIS, in cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the installation industry, prepared an exhibition zone where you could get acquainted with the latest products and technologies available on the market. During the fair, OSFIS also announced the results of the “SUPER HANDLOWIEC” ranking for manufacturers of the installation industry in 2023. The awards ceremony for the winners and honorable mentions took place on the stage in Aleja Lipowa.

Company anniversaries and MTP Gold Medals

During this year’s edition of the GREENPOWER and EXPOPOWER fairs, we celebrated the anniversaries of the following companies:

  • 10 years: Polish Energy;
  • 30 years: Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań;
  • 40 years: MIKRONIKA.

Four products were awarded the MTP Group Gold Medal at GREENPOWER 2023:

  • AERO S/EW – elevated, ENERGY 5 Sp. z o. o.;
  • VGE Eco Air heat pumps – SOLGEN Sp. z o. o.;
  • Photovoltaic switchgear PV Next – Weidmüller;
  • Photovoltaic tracker – ENERGY 5 Sp. z o. o.;
  • At the EXPOPOWER 2023 fair, the exclusive PRIMO APZ luminaire by TM Technologie was awarded the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP.

During the ceremonial Industry Evening of the Greenpower, Expower, H2Poland 2023 event, an award gala was held for the winners. The ACANTHUS AUREUS distinction was awarded to exhibitors who perfectly understand how modern expo marketing builds the company’s image and its business value. This year the award went to:


  • WEIDMULLER Sp. z o. o.;
  • ENERGY 5 Sp. z o. o.;
  • EC Group Sp. z o. o.;
  • MP SOLAR GROUP Sp. z o. o.;
  • PBC;
  • AMISTON Sp. z o. o.;
  • ALSEVA Sp. z o. o. sp.k.;


  • MIKRONIKA Sp. z o. o.

Stands visited

During the fair, we visited the following stands of companies, from which we present a video report with an interview or narration:

  • SIMPLE H2 Sp. z o. o. – the company has developed an electrolyser that is used to produce hydrogen, which is part of the chemical composition of water. Thus, it produces container hydrogen production and distribution stations, which can be used to refuel hydrogen cars. We will hear about it in the following narration (Kielce, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship);
  • ZBM S.A. – a company specializing in comprehensive investment implementation (Warsaw, Mazowieckie Voivodeship);
  • Power Lab company – producer of energy storages (Warsaw, Mazowieckie Voivodeship).

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