Euro Target Show 2023

Euro Target Show 2023 – let’s sum up the event
Exposure ranges of individual industries
Military zone and competitions
Euro Target Show 2023 program – what’s interesting?
Visited exhibitions

Euro Target Show 2023 - let's sum up the event

From 17 to 19 March 2023. we had the opportunity to participate in a great celebration of lovers of militaria, hunting, shooting and survival. This event is held under the name Euro Target Show and brings together lovers of the above-mentioned fields in the pavilions of the Poznań International Fair. This extraordinary event attracted over 13,000 people. visitors. In addition to the exhibition of companies presenting products from the above-mentioned categories, we could also listen to interesting lectures in the field of survival or military. In addition, we could listen to spectacular musical performances of various hunting, military or survival associations. It was an interesting experience to listen to the sounds imitating the call of a deer.

Exposure ranges of individual industries

The definition of the hunting industry includes such subcategories as: shooting articles, ammunition, weapons, off-road vehicles, hunting cynology (hunting dogs), furniture and all equipment in the entire hunting tradition, hunting optics, jewelry and hunting decorations, electronic books for hunting , hunting coolers, hunting accessories and clothing. We could meet the manufacturers and distributors of the above accessories and take advantage of their expertise in the best selection of given accessories. In the case of shooting, each fan of this field could read the relevant articles from the following subcategories: Olympic and sports shooting, collectors’, historical, black powder, pneumatic, dynamic and long-distance shooting.

There was also an exhibition with clothing and appropriate footwear for shooters, as well as with tactical equipment. The survival block at Euro Target Show was actually a continuation of the Survival Force Expo fair, during which fans of survival and bushcrafters could also listen to interesting lectures and purchase accessories for planned survival trips based on professional advice. “Bushcraft” is a combination of two English lexemes, “bush” (forest, woods) and “craft” (art, craft). Thus, in Polish the word-formation paraphrase of this borrowing will be “expedition and experience in a dense forest” .

Military zone and competitions

Enthusiasts of the military and military issues could buy a uniform, tactical footwear, electronics and broadly understood military accessories (maps, protractors, paramilitaries). In addition, we could witness the Open Championships of Wielkopolska in shooting with pneumatic weapons, as well as be guests of the exhibitions of military schools or the Police Headquarters.

Euro Target Show 2023 program - what's interesting?

During the fair, we had the opportunity to participate in the following events (lectures, competitions, performances):

  • “A few words about the Polish hound, the Polish hound and the Polish hunting spaniel”;
  • “How to take care of your weapon?”:
  • “Luring Show”:
  • “International Defense Pistol Association – dynamic sports shooting”;
  • “Staza” (survival school);
  • “Falconry – a living tradition”;
  • Hunting music concert;
  • “Food – storage and preparation”;
  • Subsidies for the construction of sport and hunting shooting ranges;
  • “How to learn to shoot quickly and accurately.”

Visited exhibitions

During the three-day Euro Target Show 2023, we visited the following exhibitions:

  • DIFOU PROTRAKTORY SZKOLENIA – a company from Wola Rzędzińska (near Tarnów, Lesser Poland Voivodeship), dealing in the production of protractors;
  • – an online store that distributes the American brand READYWISE to the Polish market. The name of this brand stands for “emergency food”, i.e. with an ultra-long shelf life (up to 25 years!) while maintaining the nutritional value of the products;

SZÓSTAK HUNTING AND SHOOTING SHOP – a shop based in Wieluń (Łódź Voivodeship) with a wide range of products that we classify for broadly understood hunting, hunting and shooting.

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