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Food delivery robot courier

1. Food delivery robot in Poznań
2. Takeaway robots are becoming the norm
3. How is a courier robot built?

Food delivery robot in Poznań

We have another proof that the work done by humans is gradually being replaced by artificial intelligence products. This time it’s about a robot that employees of once met on Poznań Street. It was a professionally fulfilled robot, whose verbal competences can be assessed as correct. On what basis? Young people, suppliers from exchanged a few words with the robot and not only did the robot politely answer questions, but also provided passers-by with a dose of positive emotions. Robot – food delivery courier? Read the following conversation with the robot. The conversation went as follows:
Robot: -Hi
Courier: -Hi. You’re taking our job
Robot: -No…
Courier: Well, if not, you deliver food.
Robot: -Yes
Courier: -It’s the job you’re taking away from us
Robot: -I’m sorry, man
Courier: -I’m sorry too, work
Robot: -Have a nice day
Courier: -Also
The robot’s name is Pasik, and after expressing digital remorse, he went back to his job. Currently, Pasik is servicing Pasibuses, and his task is to deliver paid food to the customer from the well-known Pasibus restaurant, which currently operates on the basis of the so-called. chain stores.

Takeaway robots are becoming the norm

Artificial intelligence products are increasingly replacing human work, including couriers in catering establishments. Food delivery robots can be seen not only in Poznań, but also in other major Polish cities. In Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow … in these cities, we can receive the ordered food from a communicative robot. Who is the manufacturer of these “human substitutes”: 😊 Well, such artificial intelligence products are delivered to the Polish market by Delivery Couple. The company’s robots can run all day long. However, we must give them the opportunity to recharge frequently.
Programmers have designed the robots in such a way that they only ride on bicycle paths and sidewalks. According to the manufacturers, the artificial intelligence products in question solve the problem of delivery delays, for example during times of heavy traffic. These robots also pass the exam in the case of a large number of orders and function partly independently. Sometimes, however, human intervention is needed when unexpected problems arise. Then the operator controls such a robot, similar to driving a remote-controlled car or drone. We assume that in a few years robotic couriers will be able to operate completely autonomously, without human intervention.

How is a courier robot built?

The manufacturers of the machines in question have equipped them with temperature sensors and a heating system. All this to provide customers with a hot meal even on cold days. It is worth noting that the robot moves at a speed of about 5 km/h and we can load it with goods weighing up to 15 kilograms. In order not to be too beautiful, it is also worth paying attention to shortcomings 😊 The undeniable shortcoming of this artificial intelligence product is the fact that it will not come to our door. In addition, at this stage of development, our equipment is not able to overcome barriers such as staircases or elevators. But everything is ahead of us! A robot-courier delivering food may become an everyday reality in a few years.

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