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What is SAP?

1. What is SAP? What is this system and what are the benefits of its implementation?
2. A bit of company history…
3. For what activities in the company do we use the program in question?

What is SAP? What is this system and what are the benefits of its implementation?

The SAP program – because that’s what it is – is undoubtedly associated with the world of IT (Informatic Technology). SAP is an abbreviation for a company based in Germany, whose full name is Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung, which translates as “development of a system analysis program”. Currently, the full legal name of this business is SAP SE. SE stands for Societas Europea (European society). This company was registered in accordance with the requirements of European Union corporate law. What is SAP? Currently, this software can be classified as one of the most important on the market of software for automating business processes of manufacturers. Employees of the enterprise create better and better solutions, thanks to which they facilitate communication and data processing between entities.

A bit of company history…

It is worth knowing that the activity in question was established in 1972. It was originally called System Analysis Program Development, which we translate as “development of the system analysis program”. Later, the abbreviation SAP came to be used. In a relatively short time, the company has transformed from a five-person creative group of friends into an international enterprise. The company’s headquarters is in Walldorf, Germany. The organization in question employs more than 105,000 people qualified in the field of software from different countries. Employees implemented the original SAP R/2 and SAP R/3 software. They also set a new software standard that will make it easier for us to plan work in our company. We are talking here about the ERP already discussed on our website.
Today, the software gives you better opportunities to use ERP software. Thanks to this, we can fully use the data processing capabilities of the program and handle advanced technologies. It is precisely about artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and about machine learning (machine learning). Currently, about 230 million employees already use SAP, and this number is constantly growing. Of course, we mean active cloud users here. Thanks to the creativity of programmers, we are guaranteed a lot of solutions that manifest themselves in the proposal of various business tools and functions. The rich cloud portfolio of suppliers is proof of this. The CEO of SAP SE is Christian Klein. He is the youngest manager in the history of such large German companies.

For what activities in the company do we use the program in question?

You have probably noticed that business models that we know well very often introduce chaos in the storage of operational data. This is due to the fact that we store this data in separate databases using specific tools. This results in difficulties related to communication within the company and access to information. In addition, through classic solutions, we duplicate data in various departments. Thus, we increase the costs of mass IT storage and we risk making mistakes. The German program allows us to centralize the management of the company. In practice, this means better communication and access to the data of all employees.
SAP also supports cooperation between entities. Using this software, we improve work efficiency, increase productivity and service for our customers. How? SAP offers us various solutions that will help us facilitate the work in our company. Here we have in mind such tools and functions as: conventional applications, various platforms and technologies. We can install them on our own server resources, locally (on premise). SAP employees develop industry solutions dedicated to us, thanks to which we facilitate analysis and forecasting processes. Thanks to SAP, we can easily compare operational business data with customer feedback. Thanks to this, we will be able to understand the current market needs and adapt the offer accordingly.

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