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Why is foundation insulation so important?
Stages of performing foundation insulation works
Insulation of foundations – let’s choose materials from a proven manufacturer!

Why is foundation insulation so important?

If we plan to thermomodernize our houses, we cannot omit the issue of insulation of the foundation. It is important that the insulation activities are carried out coherently, because the individual elements of the building interact with each other. In this article, we will focus on insulating the foundations themselves and propose the best solutions in this matter. Insulation of this part of the building is very important, given that the construction of concrete walls, which we have additionally reinforced with steel reinforcement, absorbs higher temperatures well. In practice, this means a significant tendency to cool down inside the rooms. This is mainly done at the joints of the walls and the floor. Insulation of the foundations is therefore extremely important, because if this activity is neglected, we can meet with moisture near the skirting board, which over time will take the form of mold.

When planning works related to insulation, let’s spend money on good quality materials and reliable professionals, if we do not know this profession well ourselves. As a result of the occurrence of a defect, as a result of poor-quality materials or the delegation of work by unprofessional specialists, there may be a serious one that needs to be eliminated. Usage costs also go to school, which can indisputably be habits. It is extremely good to choose good quality polystyrene for foundation insulation. “Good quality” means favorable parameters. It’s strange that not all polystyrene foams are suitable for foundation insulation. Insulation of the foundations of our house, if we want to function in such a quiet and warm house for a long time.

Stages of performing foundation insulation works

When choosing polystyrene to insulate foundations, we should choose one that is characterized by a slight ability to absorb water. If we use traditional boards, we can expose our substrate to excessive moisture due to poor air ventilation. Recently, on the market of insulating materials, graphite polystyrene, which is intended only for insulation of foundations, enjoys great interest. It works well in harsh conditions, also in the underground zone of buildings. This is due to the fact that high humidity and large temperature fluctuations as well as high mechanical loads do not affect the life of the material in question or significantly affect it. Something that distinguishes this type of expanded polystyrene is a high heat conduction index with no tendency to retain water

Insulation of foundations - let's choose materials from a proven manufacturer!

When performing works to insulate the foundation, the choice of glue is also important. Professionals recommend mounting polystyrene boards with polyurethane glue, which sets after several minutes and binds polystyrene to the foundation. Before the above operations, we should also protect the surface of the foundation with waterproofing, which manufacturers produce using bituminous mass. It can be allowed in the immediate vicinity of polystyrene. The next stage of our insulation works is the cladding of foundation walls, the so-called dimpled foil. We can also use a thick construction foil for this, and then sprinkle it with earth, which will allow us to strengthen this “construction”.

Remember that before this activity, we should drain the area and take care of the installation that would serve to drain water from rainfall. This water will accumulate in the gutters and in the area next to the building. The next stage of work is the installation of the reinforcement layer. It is nothing more than covering polystyrene with a mesh (so-called embedding the mesh). We should use a universal adhesive to finish the work with mosaic plaster or an alternative form of facade cladding. Let us remember that if we decide to install stone cladding, then due to the weight, we are also obliged to put dowels. They will be mechanical fasteners, thanks to which we will obtain a integrated structure.

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