How to feed a Pomeranian?

1. How to feed a Pomeranian? How to properly feed a Miniature Spitz?
2. What to feed miniature spitz puppies?
3. What to feed an adult Pomeranian?
4. How to feed a Pomeranian? What is worth diversifying the diet of a miniature spitz?

How to feed a Pomeranian? How to properly feed a Miniature Spitz?

We know perfectly well that a well-balanced diet of our pet is just as important as in the case of a human diet. The nutrition of dogs, and especially the proportions of protein, fats, carbohydrates as well as macro and microelements, depends on the age and breed of the dog. Miniature Spitz – because its proper way of feeding will be discussed in this article – is a breed that is currently very popular. A dog named Boo contributed to the spread of the Pomeranian. This dog has been hailed as the most charming dog in the world. All because of trimming his fur like a plush mascot. Pomeranians, due to the fact that they belong to the group of miniature breeds, need a properly balanced diet. So let’s introduce the classification of the breed in question. How to feed a Pomeranian?
The International Cynological Federation classifies over 40 breeds of dogs as Spitz only. Commonly known dogs among Spitz are Chow Chow, Akita, Husky and Alaskan Malamute. You will admit that compared to the above-mentioned types of Spitz, the Miniature Spitz is peculiar. It is worth knowing that most Spitz dogs were used for work in the past, but the Miniature Spitz, due to its small size, turned out to be a leisure time companion. Let us remember that the Miniature Spitz is a breed that dates back to primitive dogs, which is why their need for nutrients is not much different from that of their ancestors. As a result of domestication, only the form in which the supply of nutrients takes place has changed.

What to feed miniature spitz puppies?

If we plan to buy a Pomeranian puppy, we should get to know their proper nutrition relatively early. Let’s be aware of the fact that providing the right proportions of all nutrients determines the proper development and maintenance of health when our Pomek reaches maturity. Let us remember that the main rule that we should follow in this regard is to consider our dog up to 1.5 years old as extremely delicate and vulnerable to various bone injuries. We have in mind here mainly tendencies to kneecaps falling out and hip dysplasia.
During adolescence, our little poms develop muscles and increase hair growth. As a result of the above-mentioned factors, we must remember to provide them with food with increased protein content. Let’s also supplement our puppy’s diet with preparations that strengthen bones and joints. When the Miniature Spitz is growing up, we should not limit his access to food. After all, we are not able to accurately assess the nutritional needs of our little Pomeranian while growing up. Demand in this area is an individual matter. Let’s also pay attention to the fact that puppies are usually very active and energetic, so their body demands the right amount of calories on an ongoing basis.

What to feed an adult Pomeranian?

The Miniature Spitz reaches maturity around 1.5 years of age. The maximum optimal weight he should gain is 4 kg. It is a small dog. Such dogs should be given about three meals a day, given the fact that they have a sensitive digestive system and a small stomach. Set regular feeding times to avoid indigestion and other digestive ailments. It is best to choose a ready-made food that will contain a balanced amount of all nutrients as well as macro and microelements. The priority is to maintain healthy joints, the digestive tract in good shape and a lush and shiny coat. A well-balanced and well-thought-out diet will certainly help us meet the above wishes. Please also refer to the instructions on the packaging. After all, we need to find out how many grams of a given food a pomack of a certain body weight should consume per day. The best food for an adult Miniature Spitz should contain:
• 5% fat,
• 35% vegetables,
• 50% meat,
• 10% fibre.

How to feed a Pomeranian? What is worth diversifying the diet of a miniature spitz?

We can also diversify the Pomeranian’s diet with chicken feet, beef tripe and dried meat. Why? Given their ancestral origins and the breed’s love of such purely meaty snacks. Keep in mind that Pomeranians are greedy and joyful dogs, so the pieces of snacks should be “safe” sizes! It’s easy to choke a dog! Within common sense, it’s worth expanding the menu of an adult Spitz with boiled chicken with carrots and rice. he will certainly be happy if we serve him good quality pâté, but don’t do it too often, maximum 3 times a week!
Let’s bear in mind that Pomeranians have quite a manipulative temperament and will quickly sense the good heart and weakness of their owners. Therefore, let’s not spoil our pets too much in terms of nutrition, let’s not offer them fast food, snacks, cookies. It’s for keeping their overall health, bones and joints in good shape, and maintaining a healthy body weight! Being overweight in a Pomeranian – just like in humans – negatively affects the condition of its joints, internal organs and general well-being.
A spitz’s diet should be based mainly on well-chosen dry food, enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, you could prepare your own dishes for poms, but keeping the proportions of all the necessary nutrients is simply impossible. We would then unnecessarily expose our pet to food ailments, and we care about their well-being. A well-fed pom pom will certainly have a beautiful coat, a healthy digestive tract and joints in good shape.

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