How to improve the work in the restaurant? What are the modern methods?

How to improve the work in the restaurant? What are the modern methods?
How modern tools will improve the work of waiters, cooks and managers?

How to improve the work in the restaurant? What are the modern methods?

The success of the restaurant depends on the actions of the entire staff. It is worth constantly improving the activities performed by them, so that the quality of business is constantly improving, and the staff feels even greater satisfaction from the tasks performed. Currently, the market provides employees with a number of opportunities and tools dedicated to various positions – waiters, cooks, couriers or managers. How to improve the work in the restaurant?

In the case of waiters, an important element is to improve the customer service process. Traditional order receipt cards are inefficient and can lead to mistakes. The solution is to equip waiters with tablets with a mobile application that will allow for quick and easy taking orders, transferring them to the kitchen and settling customers. The application also has a graphic preview of the served dishes, which allows you to conveniently present all items to guests. The simple interface of the application makes its operation not a challenge even for new employees.

Here are some advantages of using a mobile app for waiters:

  • faster and more efficient customer service;
  • reducing the risk of mistakes;
  • better contact with the kitchen;
  • more convenient customer billing;
  • ability to split accounts;
  • configuration of any payment methods.

A mobile application for waiters is a great tool that can help streamline work in a restaurant and improve the quality of customer service. It is worth considering its implementation to increase the chances of success.

How modern tools will improve the work of waiters, cooks and managers?

Adherence to the following advice regarding specific representatives of catering employees will certainly improve the work in the restaurant.

Work of chefs:

  • chefs are the backbone of any restaurant;
  • work with various gastronomic instruments and high-quality ingredients;
  • the kitchen should have a KDS system that allows you to take orders directly on the TV or tablet screen in the kitchen;
  • the KDS system reduces the risk of misreading or accepting orders in the wrong order;
  • it also allows to increase staff comfort and speeds up the entire customer service process;
  • accepted orders are displayed in colors that change depending on the status;
  • if the dish is already prepared, all the cook needs to do is click on a specific item, and such information will be sent directly to the waiter.

Couriers work:

  • the work of couriers requires a lot of logistics;
  • if we do not provide employees with the right tools, service and deliveries may not meet customer expectations;
  • a dedicated application for couriers can help improve their work;
  • the application allows you to freely distribute orders and quickly assign them to free couriers;
  • thanks to the application, we get a constant view of the location and what is happening with the delivery;
  • the system will also indicate the fastest route to the place of order delivery.

Work of managers:

  • managers are responsible for many duties that are not always visible to clients;
  • however, their execution is crucial for a thriving business;
  • a special application can help improve the work of managers;
  • the application will allow you to manage the premises on an ongoing basis, from any device and place in the world;
  • the system will provide all the most important reports, including comparative reports, for example between individual employees, sales sources or products;
  • the application will also allow you to quickly settle employees according to shifts and positions.

Automation is an important step in the catering industry. New technologies allow you to relieve employees and speed up their activities, which translates into greater comfort at work, and as a result – a better-performing business.

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