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How to raise a Pomeranian?

1. How to raise a Pomeranian? What are the best training methods for a Miniature Spitz?
2. Actually, how?
3. How to raise a Pomeranian? Let’s take care of the activity of the miniature Spitz
4. Pomeranian circus performer?

How to raise a Pomeranian? What are the best training methods for a Miniature Spitz?

We know very well that Pomeranians are dogs that have been socializing for years. This breed is especially liked by children and women, given their exceptionally cuddly type of beauty and small size. Let us remember, however, that the small height of these dogs and a gentle exterior do not exclude the need for a proper approach in the matter of upbringing. How to raise a Pomeranian? First of all, let’s take into account the fact that they are very observant and resolute dogs. Pomeranians are also characterized by vigilance and intuition. What does this mean in practice? First of all, such a dog can successfully assess our disposition, deeply hidden intentions, temperament and … our weaknesses. Let’s bear in mind the fact that if we are prone to inconsistency and indulgence, then our “pomek” – because this is how their lovers used to call this breed affectionately – will “get over our head” quite quickly. Pomeranians can use our weaknesses for their own, often nefarious purposes. Let’s not be fooled by candy faces and actually, let’s raise them assertively.

Actually, how?

Proper upbringing of a Miniature Spitz should be based on the implementation of a system of rewards and praise. Remember that they are highly sensitive dogs, so we should motivate them above all. If we treat them badly and scold them in an unpleasant way, we may never regain the Pomeranian’s trust. Under no circumstances should we use corporal punishment or raise our voices against it. Pomeranians react to verbal aggression by cowering and intimidation, which can cause our pet to close down. Pomeranians are extremely lively and have a lot of energy in them. If we want to teach them basic commands, we should first check the emotional state of our dog.
If he looks restless and sad, let’s take care of all his needs first. A dog who is cold or hungry and sleepy will certainly not be pleasant if we engage him in such a state for games and training. The most common motivation for Pomeranians is to offer them attention and love, which the Spitz will surely sense. We can – of course – motivate the dog with his favorite treat and then move on to learning commands. Let’s start it with self-control exercises. Then we will not distract him with unnecessary stimuli and we will enable him to control his emotions.

How to raise a Pomeranian? Let's take care of the activity of the miniature Spitz

When planning the purchase of a Pomeranian, take into account the fact that this breed needs exercise and outdoor play. Therefore, if we are couch potatoes ourselves or we know that we will not have time for one walk a day with our pet (and we live, for example, in a block of flats), it is better to choose a representative of a different breed. When it comes to learning how to lead a pooch on a leash, it does not cause great difficulties for Pomeranian owners. It is extremely important that under no circumstances should we put a collar around our poms’ necks. The trachea of ​​this breed tends to collapse in a rush of various emotions (positive and negative). Putting a collar on a pet is very dangerous, because we can simply deprive it of life in this way by suffocation. For walks, let’s put our pet only on a harness, which will be a good protection against possible escape during a walk. We also remember that the weight of our Pomeranian does not exceed 4 kg, so the harness should be relatively light. The Pomeranian is happy when assimilated with other dogs and generally enjoys company.
It is worth taking care of it already in the puppy period, when socialization brings the best results. If we do not take care of the contact of a small pom with other dogs – including representatives of other breeds – it may result in anxiety, depression and adaptation problems when it reaches maturity. Let’s be aware that the Pomeranian is a dog that is very confident. This can be manifested, for example, by attacks on other, larger and more dangerous dogs than him. So let’s keep this in mind when walking and visiting new places. Let’s not spoil our pet too much, because it can result in hyperactivity and too much vocalization. Miniature Spitz are usually very attached to their guardian, and when they live in a family, they tend to become attached to one of its members and not leave it.

Pomeranian circus performer?

Miniature Spitz eagerly play with stuffed animals, balls and teethers, and it is also worth initiating a logical game that will calm down a bit and force the attention of every elemental pom pom. Spitz dogs can be stubborn, which is why they can reject unattractive and boring fun in their opinion. Let’s make sure to diversify the fun of our pets and consistently wean their tendency to bark excessively by running and playing. Poms love to be in the center of attention, so with the right dose of love and motivation, we can train them like circus performers. What else do you need to remember? Pomeranians like caresses on their terms. If they are tired and sleepy, then it is not worth giving them stroking and caressing phrases. Spitz has such a cute exterior that sometimes we can forget that it is a dog and not a teddy bear. Let us especially remind our children of this. how to raise a Pomeranian? With heart and mind.

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