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How to run a law firm’s social media?

3. How to run a law firm’s social media? Is it worth promoting yourself as a lawyer on social media?
2. The legal industry in social media
3. Bet on the blog

How to run a law firm's social media? Is it worth promoting yourself as a lawyer on social media?

When running any business, our task is to attract customers for our services or products. Today, the Internet is largely used for this. When running a business, we should have an aesthetic and hacker-proof website. It is also good when it is well positioned, because only in this way – apart from word of mouth – the client will find us. The positioning of our website is particularly important when the type of our business is not niche and we have a lot of competition in our location. Then it is also worth taking action on social media.
Currently, portals such as Facebook, Tik-Tok and Instagram are widely visited by a huge number of users. It is therefore obvious that you need to promote yourself where there are people, potential customers! How to run a law firm’s social media? Law is a special field when it comes to promoting it in social media. Why? First of all, because the legal language is usually difficult for laymen, and laymen are the outnumbered group of potential clients of law firms. Therefore, in order to reach these customers, we need to publish our content in social media in a linguistically and lexically accessible way. Placing symbolic icons that will help illustrate even difficult issues will also be welcome.

The legal industry in social media

It is hard to disagree with the thesis that the legal industry is associated with a kind of elitism and restrictions in the field of maintaining a profile in social media. However, the legislator does not forbid the promotion of a law firm in the public space. However, we must do it with class and in accordance with the so-called. professional label. While among other industries we can bet on jokes and infantilism in published posts, in this case it is rather out of place. Let’s imagine, for example, a law firm that promotes itself with funny content or has an infantile name. It will certainly lose a lot in the eyes of customers and make the impression of being unreliable and balancing on the border of good taste. So how to run a social media profile in this area?
First of all, let’s show empathy and put ourselves in the role of a potential recipient and client of our posts. Let’s write in simple language, translating heavy legal language into understandable and accessible to laymen. Then we will certainly appear in the eyes of potential customers as helpful and empathetic. It is also worth organizing online meetings, such as webinars, which will help focus the attention of a wide audience. In addition, this way of communication will help us shorten the distance, pass on knowledge and let our potential clients get to know us from the best side. This form allows not only to transfer knowledge, but also to participate in the discussion by answering questions bothering the recipient.

Bet on the blog

Remember that in addition to a profile in social media, it is worth having a website and a business card in Google for a law firm. This is important due to the fact that currently, even in one city, there is a lot of competition in the legal industry. If you have a website, make sure it is well positioned. Let’s use the services of marketing agencies that will take care of it professionally. It is also worth keeping an information blog. Ideally, it should be conducted by a person who, in addition to substantive knowledge, is able to convey it in a language accessible to the layman. We also publish blog content on our social media profile. It is certainly worth discussing the so-called “up-to-date”, because they will undoubtedly attract the attention of a large group of recipients.

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