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How to run a restaurant’s social media?

1. How to run a restaurant’s social media? How does social media affect the development of a gastronomic establishment?
2. How to promote a restaurant on social media?
3. Let’s outsource advertising to professionals
4. How to run a restaurant’s social media? The importance of systematic actions!
5. Let’s focus on aesthetic photos!
6. How to run social media in a restaurant? What is good marketing for the catering industry? Hashtags are key!

How to run a restaurant's social media? How does social media affect the development of a gastronomic establishment?

Gastronomy is a type of business that seems to be difficult to run because of the many elements that we must take into account. Factors such as food quality, price, decor and aesthetics of serving dishes influence the attraction of the customer to the restaurant. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also important. “The fish rots from the head down” – we used to say and rightly so. The nervous atmosphere “in the back” certainly results in negative emotions among the waiters, who then can be equally unpleasant for customers or, at best, chaotic in action. Undoubtedly, however, food will always accompany us, so by running a good catering establishment, we can be somewhat sure that we will attract a certain group of customers. Nowadays, however, the matter is not so obvious. Competition in the catering industry is constantly growing, so we should take into account one more factor that will make us recognizable and well-known on this market. We are talking about social media. How to run a restaurant’s social media?

How to promote a restaurant on social media?

Having a profile of our restaurant on a selected platform or application, e.g. on Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok, we increase the reach of our offer. Our activities in this area should lead to us establishing bilateral relations with potential recipients. To get to it, we first need to decide to which customer our pub offer is dedicated. Is it supposed to be a more or less affluent client? What age group do most of our customers belong to? What taste preferences do our potential customers have? In marketing, we used to use the popular epithet “target customer”. It is synonymous with the above factors that will decide whether a given group of people will take advantage of our offer or not. Let’s note that most of us are looking for information about a place only on the Internet. We do not only read the descriptions on the restaurant’s website, but we also more and more often look at the Facebook profile. So let’s take care of the image of our profile. It consists of several elements that we will discuss in this article.

Let's outsource advertising to professionals

Sometimes, in its audacity, it seems to us that running a restaurant profile on a selected social networking site is nothing difficult. It’s a bit of a misconception. In order to sell a product and, in general, make a potential recipient interested in our offer, we need psychological knowledge, well-developed verbal competences, and intuition about the taste of potential recipients. We also need to have knowledge of the current guidelines for the dimensions of graphics for a specific platform. Proper writing of promotional texts is also important, not only in terms of correctness, but also linguistically adequate to the target customer. Let’s be aware that on the web we have access to free programs, thanks to which we can edit our photos or create effective short videos. It is worth allocating the appropriate budget to commission the above activities to a person who simply knows about it and is naturally creative.

How to run a restaurant's social media? The importance of systematic actions!

Social media gives us many opportunities to reach as many recipients as possible. For example, by learning about Facebook’s marketing tools, we can successfully schedule posts. It is also worth spending money on paid Facebook ads. Then we will reach the right people and in a specific location with our offer. Let us remember that for our actions to be effective, we must be systematic in adding posts. Facebook even gives us the ability to schedule posts so that, for example, on days when we are offline, we can stay in touch with customers. The fact that we need to complete our profile with information such as: menu, contact details, logo of the premises, opening hours seems to be quite obvious.
It is important that when running a profile, e.g. on Facebook, we take care of proper communication with the client. In this regard, let’s keep in mind answering questions, engaging in a discussion under the post, mitigating possible virtual tensions between customers. Everything in the spirit of “good taste”. Answer the questions kindly, adjusting the language to the interlocutor. We approach a dissatisfied customer with tact and prudence. Let’s not underestimate his comments, instead let’s try to compensate him for his negative experience in our restaurant. Let’s do it, of course, in such a way as not to undermine our company’s budget too much. Let’s also keep in the back of our minds the popular and proven slogan “clever loses twice”. We may offer vouchers or competitions for the best photo of spending time in our premises. There are a lot of options for promotion, and the costs we incur for the prize bring immeasurable benefits.

Let's focus on aesthetic photos!

Nothing attracts attention to our profile in social media like regularly added photos of our dishes. However, remember that the quality of these photos is important. Therefore, let’s not be afraid to use free programs that will enhance the colors of our dishes. Nice arrangement on the plate, natural light are other factors that improve our online image. We also encourage our customers to add reviews along with photos in the Google space. It is worth sharing good opinions on our social media profile, because it is proof of the good quality of our restaurant in the eyes of potential customers.

How to run social media in a restaurant? What is good marketing for the catering industry? Hashtags are key!

Hashtags are single words or phrases without spaces, which must be preceded by the # sign. Thanks to them, we classify thematically similar photos and posts. On Instagram, we can also follow hashtags that are of interest to us. Thanks to this, we can observe specific posts and photos that interest us on the main page of the application. Remember not to use special characters and spaces in the hashtag. Let’s not use banned hashtags, because in this way we limit the reach of our post. Let’s choose those phrases and words that are related to our activity and the post we published. Let’s not force the number of recipients, and especially don’t buy them! (sic!) Yes. It is now possible and popular among social media users. However, it is worth betting on a slightly smaller, but really interested group of our recipients. In an industry such as gastronomy, quality is more important than quantity on every level.

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