What is ammonium sulphate?

What is ammonium sulphate?
How to use ammonium nitrate correctly?
How to apply ammonium nitrate?

What is ammonium sulphate?

What is ammonium sulphate? Only a small percentage of the population know the correct answer to this question. Many of us have surely come across this name somewhere by chance. Active farmers, agricultural producers, gardeners and, of course, the producers of saltpeter themselves have the broadest knowledge on the subject. In order to define what the preparation in question is in the simplest way, we will refer to its form, composition and chemical structure. The substance in question is therefore a granular fertilizer which is available for sale in two forms of nitrogen. We use them to fertilize the soil in arable fields, vegetable gardens, allotments and gardens. Ammonium nitrate is defined by the formula NO3NH4. The first part is responsible for invasiveness and effectiveness, while the second for the gradual release of ingredients. Such fertilizer leaches very slowly, which allows you to nourish various types of soil, even those of the lowest class.

How to use ammonium sulphate correctly?

The preparation in question should be used before we plant or sow our plants, as well as during their growth. Importantly, fertilization should not be carried out in autumn! Why? As a result of fertilizing the soil, our crops, instead of calming growth and preparing for winter, will unnecessarily start to grow just at the least suitable time of the year for them. This could result in the freezing of new shoots and leaves. Ammonium sulphate can successfully fertilize shrubs, flowers and other typically ornamental plants as well as vegetable, fruit and cereal crops.

Importantly, let’s not overdo the fertilization of edible plants – especially those vegetables from which we eat leaves – because excess nitrogen accumulates in these parts of vegetables. An overdose of nitrogen causes the leaf blade to change its structure into a thin and much larger one. In practice, this means weakness and lack of resistance to pathogen attack and atmospheric factors such as wind or heavy rain. If we oversupply ammonium nitrate, we will also cause salinity of the earth. This may result in difficulties in the absorption of nutrients from the substrate through the roots of plants.

How to apply ammonium sulphate?

The fertilizer in question can be applied both by classical spreading the surface of the substrate or by mixing soil with fertilizer granules. The amount of fertilizer that we should spread depends primarily on the quality of the soil and the needs of specific plant species. The latter type of agent application is used in the case of relatively small areas, of course, while sprinkling is reserved for large-area crops. Vegetables need the largest doses of saltpeter. fruit trees, lawns. Smaller doses should be applied to perennials, shrubs and all ornamental plants. Interestingly, we can successfully spray nitrate, because the granules are well soluble in water and absorbed by the leaves. Remember, however, that we should remember to read the labels carefully, which will tell us how to properly prepare such a solution.

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