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How to get a building permition?

How do I get a building permit and how long does the procedure currently take?
How to get a building permit: step by step…
List of available applications

How do I get a building permit and how long does the procedure currently take?

In the past, arranging all the formalities related to erecting a building with the office was a breakneck activity. Today, in the age of the Internet, this procedure is no longer so time-consuming. This saves us a lot of nerves. From July 2021, as a result of the next stage of digitization in the matter in question, we can successfully complete most of the formalities online. However, it should be borne in mind that both the manner of completing the formalities and the type of necessary documents may change from year to year. How to get a building permition? We need to keep abreast of any changes to the procedure so that we can successfully answer this question.

How to get a building permit: step by step…

The first step we need to take is to set up an account on the website. To do it correctly, we must provide our e-mail address or log in using a trusted profile or e-proof. After completing these steps, we can proceed to fill out the appropriate applications, to which we will already have access. What’s more, we will have clear instructions, necessary to complete a specific application, visible on the screen. This platform is a government project and we should only use such platforms.

The unquestionable advantage of our activities is the lack of any costs on our part, as well as the certainty that after completing our e-application will be redirected to the appropriate office. However, the waiting time for processing the application is as long as in the case of the traditional paper form. The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology is taking steps to modernize and shorten the way to complete the formalities related to the building permit. Specialists have developed and implemented more than a whole pool of e-applications and relevant forms that interested citizens only need to fill in correctly. Applications were also prepared, the completion of which would be necessary to carry out the demolition procedure of the property. Importantly, if there are people who feel safer completing the above formalities by visiting the office, they can also do it in this way.

List of available applications

Here is a list of applications that we have at our disposal after creating a profile on the above-mentioned government platform:

  • Application for a building permit (PB-1)
  • Notification of construction works (PB-2)
  • Notification of construction or reconstruction of a single-family house (PB-2a)
  • Notification of the completion of the construction of a single-family house (PB-16a)
  • Application for a building permit for a temporary structure (PB-8)
  • Application for a decision to amend the building permit (PB-7)
  • Application for a separate decision on project approval (PB-6)
  • Notice of Completion of Construction (PB-16)
  • Application for an occupancy permit – before completion of construction (PB-17a)
  • Application for an occupancy permit (PB-17)
  • Application for simplified legalization (PB-15)
  • Application for legalization (PB-19)
  • Motion to exclude certain duties of the site manager (PB-13)
  • Demolition permit application (PB-3)
  • Demolition notification (PB-4)
  • Application for the transfer of the building permit decision (PB-9)
  • Application for the transfer of the decision on the permit to resume construction works (PB-10)
  • Application for the transfer of rights and obligations arising from the notification (PB-11)
  • Notification of the intended date of commencement of construction works (PB-12)
  • Application to enter adjacent land (PB-14)
  • Application for drawing up a local plan or for changing the local plan
  • Notification of a change in the use of the facility (PB-18)
  • Statement on the right to dispose of the real estate for construction purposes (PB-5)

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