Meble Polska and Home Decor 2023

The largest event in the furniture industry – Meble Polska and Home Decor 2023
Grupa MTP – awarding the Gold Medals
Possibility of concluding contracts

The largest event in the furniture industry - Meble Polska and Home Decor 2023

On February 21-24, at the Poznań International Fair, one of the largest events bringing together people from the world of furniture and interior design in Central and Eastern Europe took place. Saying “people from the world of furniture and interior design”, we mean mainly: manufacturers, architects, designers and clients, both individual and institutional. This event gives the Polish furniture industry producers the opportunity to present their offer. Meble Polska and Home Decor 2023 was marked by the sale and presentation of market innovations for traders around the world. The exhibitions of 250 companies were visited by buyers from over 75 countries. Interestingly, the event in question was an opportunity for 40 Ukrainian manufacturers to present their furniture. This was possible thanks to establishing acquaintance with the Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers Furniture, which represents about 60% of the furniture industry. It is worth noting that this association focuses on helping the regions of Ukraine most affected by the war, helping to transport factory crews. Also, providing furniture to refugees and promoting Ukrainian production is within the scope of activities of this organization ation. This year’s edition of the fair was dominated mainly by upholstered furniture. We rarely encountered exhibitions where box furniture would be exhibited.

Grupa MTP - awarding the Gold Medals

At each international industry meeting, the MTP group awards prizes in various categories. This time, the jury took into account such aspects as: the comfort of using furniture, innovative design, as well as whether the product is in line with the issue of environmental protection. In addition, the competition jury paid attention to whether the products were adapted to the needs of different consumers in different age groups. For the first time, the Gold Medal was awarded to an exhibition which also had products dedicated to the elderly in its database. In developed countries, the number of people in the post-working age predominates and it is their needs that should now be addressed.

The competition jury awarded the MTP Grand Prix awards to the exhibitions that presented both interesting design combined with interesting upholstery and construction solutions. The aspect of functionality was also important. A big advantage was providing the furniture with the possibility of efficient disassembly, cleaning or moving if necessary. The silent closing of cabinets or modularity, which allows furniture to be delivered to the consumer using a parcel locker, are the factors that, according to the jury, make the product offer attractive. In addition, the exhibitions that could boast of furniture made of recycled materials deserved an award.

Possibility of concluding contracts

The Meble Polska and Home Decor fairs are conducive to concluding many lucrative contracts and realizing the sale of products presented at the exhibitions. Participation in such a spectacular event allows you to get acquainted with the competition’s offer. Individual customers, on the other hand, have a chance to see almost all current market trends in the furniture and interior design industry. Fabrics, pillows, interesting decorations, furniture – all these products were concentrated in the pavilions of the Poznań fair. In this edition of the fair, we visited the exhibitions of such companies as:

  • SPIN Sp. Jawna (Mnichowo near Gniezno, Wielkopolskie Province) – the company has been producing upholstered furniture for thirty years;
  • DAREX (Warsaw, Mazowieckie Voivodeship) – the company distributes armchairs with a professional massage function;
  • NORD FURNITURE Sp. z o. o. (Nidzica, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) – the company produces upholstered furniture in fabric and leather;
  • TEXARM Sp. z o. o. (Swarzędz, Wielkopolskie Province) – a company that has been distributing fabrics, upholstery and decorative materials for manufacturers of upholstered furniture for eight years.


The Meble Polska and Home Decor 2023 fairs were marked by many interesting business meetings and allowed companies to show their innovative products.

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