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What is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence? How does it change our lives?
Levels of complexity and sophistication of artificial intelligence
What is artificial intelligence? Examples of the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life
What is “machine learning” and how does it relate to artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence? How does it change our lives?

Nowadays, we have certainly read in various publications or heard in the media about the enigmatic epithet “artificial intelligence”. Let’s explain it, then, and then refer to the issue of using it in everyday life in more detail. Artificial intelligence is a term that we refer to technology that specialists have made it possible to see, act, learn and even understand! You will ask: how is this possible? First of all, programmers – because they are the creators of the discussed technology – equip robots and machines with algorithms responsible for the learning process. In short, this function is called ML (machine learning). In addition, the process of robotic process automation (known as RPA) also comes into play. Specialists develop and improve artificial intelligence technology with skills such as facial recognition, object recognition, or even voice recognition. The area covered by artificial intelligence today is very wide. What is artificial intelligence? In what main areas of everyday life do we find its application? What levels of complexity can we distinguish?

Levels of complexity and sophistication of artificial intelligence

So let’s categorize AI. We distinguish the following levels:

  • level one – AI specialists have developed a technology at this level that allows you to recognize patterns such as speech or image
  • the second level – here the programmers extracted the technology, thanks to which they enabled the connection and processing of data. In addition, it has become possible to forecast using probabilities and all this without human participation, and without the developed software on which we base the operation of individual tools. We mean robot software, applications and all other tools that improve various areas of life.
  • level three – technologies that professionals have designed to discover unusual combinations, as well as technologies based on the experience. Sounds like the development of an intelligent living organism. In addition, one that would save us from advanced and difficult activities, right

What is artificial intelligence? Examples of the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence is already quite widespread and we often do not even realize when we use its tools. So, we’ll list the AI ​​creations we use the most

  • Virtual assistant – for example, the very popular Google Assistant or Amazon Echo today. These are tools that programmers have developed based on imitation of our speech organ and conversational methods. All this to craft a two-way interactive experience. This tool allows us to quickly search for information, ask various questions, to which we usually get clear answers based on Internet sources. Using the Google Assistant, we can, for example, ask to add an event to our calendar by voice. Of course, this tool must first be installed and provide Google with some important verifying information (an example is the presentation of our voice)
  • Smart home – they are not as widespread as the above tool, although many who value comfort already use smart home software. This technology is based on connected security cameras and thermostats that are supported by artificial intelligence. The Google Nest tool, in turn, can “teach” our habits, for example adjusting the temperature inside the apartment. Interestingly: whether we are at home or away from home, this tool allows us to remotely adjust the temperature that is best for us.
  • Media recommendations  – websites that we know well and that enrich our lives. We have in mind facilities such as: You Tube, Netflix and Spotify. Note that these services are products containing elements of artificial intelligence

What is "machine learning" and how does it relate to artificial intelligence?

In the context of artificial intelligence, it is important to discuss the term “machine learning”. If we were to explain it in the simplest way, it’s kind of a superficial name for a type of artificial intelligence. It is based on empirical experience. The proof of this are machine learning algorithms, thanks to which we solve problems on a large scale. We use this technology to predict any environmental or human behavior. In addition, we are able to find and extract previously unnoticed bad patterns and inefficiencies, all using highly advanced statistics (data sets). Let us remember that more and more advanced artificial intelligence products are the future and the salvation of the world. In addition to advanced software that automates work in enterprises, there will also be digital avatars. They will allow for the reduction of employees in various industries.

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