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Will a humanoid replace humans?

Will a humanoid replace humans? BMW has a project!
The concern in Spartanburg focuses on robotics

Will a humanoid replace humans? BMW has a design!

BMW has confirmed that humanoid robots will soon be conducting tests at one of their US factories. They will mainly specialize in performing difficult and dangerous production tasks. Will a humanoid replace humans? Many experts predict that the dynamic development of robotics may result in the loss of millions of jobs for people in the near future. At the moment, such a scenario seems unlikely. The fact is, however, that more and more specialized humanoid robots are starting to replace people in various fields. Soon, similar machines will start working in one of BMW’s factories. Startup Figure, specializing in robot design, has just signed a contract with BMW enabling the use of humanoid machines.

The concern in Spartanburg is focused on robotics

The robots in question will go to the Bavarian company’s production plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This is the only BMW plant where approximately 1,500 X-series and XM-series cars are produced every day. General-purpose machines will be responsible for performing difficult, dangerous and monothematic production tasks. Initially, developers will introduce humanoids as part of testing. If they prove effective, the company may decide to implement them permanently. Currently, no exact information is available on the number of machines that will go to the BMW factory or their specific duties.

Figure robots will enable companies to increase productivity, reduce costs and create a safer and more consistent work environment

Initial training of machines to perform specific tasks is currently planned. However, if the robots prove effective, full integration into BMW’s production processes is expected, which could take up to 24 months.

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