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Voice-controlled intelligent toilet seat

Smart voice-controlled toilet seat – gadget from Kohler
PureWash E930 voice-controlled toilet seat with bidet
SpaViva – a new shower head for luxury fans
Intelligent bathroom lighting and ventilation
Anthem Plus – digital shower controller
Kohler at the forefront of bathroom innovation

Voice-controlled intelligent toilet seat - gadget from Kohler

Gadget lovers, always looking for the latest technological solutions, have a reason to be happy. The American brand Kohler presented several innovative products at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. They can dramatically change the experience of using the bathroom. We present the three most interesting new products, including the PureWash E930 toilet and bidet. It’s a voice-controlled intelligent toilet.

PureWash E930 voice-controlled toilet seat with bidet

Among Kohler’s new products, one of the most fascinating products is the PureWash E930 bidet toilet seat, which not only redefines comfort standards, but also introduces innovative hygiene solutions. Voice-controlled, the product works with voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa, enabling intuitive operation using simple voice commands. The PureWash E930 toilet seat not only heats the toilet seat, regulates the temperature and water pressure in the bidet, but also activates the dryer. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the settings via the remote control or the dedicated Kohler Konnect application, the user will adjust the experience of using the toilet to his or her own preferences.

Hygiene solutions are also not left behind. The toilet seat has a touchless opening seat and a disinfection system using UV light. Additionally, a built-in light illuminating the inside of the bowl will certainly make night visits to the bathroom easier.

The PureWash E930 toilet seat is available on the manufacturer’s official website for $1,289 (approx. PLN 5,100). Although the price may seem high, the comfort and innovation of this product definitely make up for the cost.

SpaViva - a new shower head for luxury fans

In addition to the revolutionary toilet seat, Kohler also presented the SpaViva shower head, which combines the functions of peeling, massage and pumice scrubbing. Equipped with a swivel element with four different nozzles, the shower head allows for a personalized shower experience during your daily shower. Air induction technology makes the water saturated with microbubbles. This gives our bath a spa-like experience. The price of this gadget is $249 (approx. PLN 990), which makes luxury in the bathroom more accessible than ever before.

Intelligent bathroom lighting and ventilation

Kohler also did not forget about the atmosphere in the bathroom, presenting the Atmo smart bathroom fan. Combined with ceiling lighting, this gadget not only serves as lighting, but also effectively removes steam generated during bathing. Voice-controlled, Atmo measures the temperature and humidity of the air in the bathroom. Additionally, it automatically responds to changes in weather conditions. The product, which will go on sale in the first quarter of this year, will cost $266 (approx. PLN 1,050), offering intelligent solutions for every bathroom.

Anthem Plus - digital shower controller

The last, but equally intriguing novelty from Kohler is the Anthem Plus digital shower controller. Supporting up to 12 different shower heads, this smart gadget gives you complete control over the sound, lighting and steam temperature while showering. With a touch-sensitive interface and compatibility with the manufacturer’s application, Anthem Plus allows you to adjust user preferences to various scenarios. Although the price is $2,800 (approx. PLN 11,000), the possibilities offered by this advanced shower controller make it worth investing in a luxurious experience during everyday bathing.

Kohler at the forefront of bathroom innovation

The Kohler brand at CES 2024 proved that innovation reaches even the most intimate spaces of our home. Modern technologies not only increase the comfort of using the bathroom, but also raise the standards of hygiene and atmosphere in this room. PureWash E930 toilet seat with bidet, SpaViva shower head, intelligent Atmo fan and Anthem Plus digital shower controller are proposals that can change our approach to daily rituals. Kohler, as an innovation leader, makes the bathroom a place where modernity meets comfort and luxury.

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