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Floor heating

1. Underfloor heating – why is it worth using it in your home?
2. With health and comfort in mind
3. Systems available on the market
4. What to consider when choosing underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating - why is it worth using it in your home?

Moving with the times and following the technological innovations in our homes, we observe many new products. They are primarily used to improve the quality of life. One such example is underfloor heating. It is the most frequently chosen heating system today. It ensures the effectiveness of the mechanism and convenience. It also has many other advantages, including reduction of operating costs and even distribution of heat around the room.

Undoubtedly, the above features of underfloor heating should be considered extraordinary advantages. In addition, the entire mechanism is hidden under the floor, so it significantly affects the appearance of our rooms, corridors and bathrooms. The lack of primary heaters and radiators provides us with additional space and aesthetic values.

With health and comfort in mind

It is also worth noting that this type of heating significantly contributes to our health. First of all, our body heats up in places most prone to cooling down due to this mechanism. On the other hand, we breathe cooler and not too dry air. We know from physics lessons that warm air rises gradually.

As a result, it ensures the optimal temperature for our body. Note that such solutions should be used by people with various chronic diseases. I am talking in particular about bronchial asthma and arterial hypertension. As we know, these diseases “do not like” excessively high temperatures or low air humidity. Generally, the underfloor heating warms up quickly. Its intelligent mechanism allows users to regulate the temperature. All thanks to the installed temperature sensors and control panels.

Systems available on the market

  • electrical system – its advantage is relatively easy installation and no need to install a heating boiler and central heating. Based on this description, it can be concluded that the overriding advantage of the assembly of this mechanism is convenience. Usually it may consist of cables and polyester foil filled with aluminum wires. The use of a heating mat is also a good solution;
  • air heating – this is an innovative way of heating. It consists in the flow of very warm air through channels intentionally placed under the floor. This process also takes place in foundations through special channels located directly under the floor;
  • water mechanism – nowadays it is a very modern and popular way of heating houses. This mechanism is based on the location of the so-called heating pipes that specialists install under the floor. It is therefore easy to guess that these heating pipes are the carrier of hot water that generates heat in the house. However, this requires an additional operation. It is necessary to install a heating boiler, heat pumps and their respective controllers. In addition, a central heating installation is required. The above steps seem relatively costly. It should be noted, however, that the costs are not high in the long-term use of this heating.
  • foundation slab – this is a very young solution, because it is intended for people planning to build an energy-efficient house. The foundation slab is recommended by its producers especially to those who are fed up with damp rooms. In such a plate, the role of the heating element can be both water and air. The advantage of this type of heating is that this system can be successfully installed directly under the floor. Hence? It is a very good solution for houses in areas with an increased level of groundwater. Moreover, the assembly of the plate can be started at any time of the year. It is very fast.

What to consider when choosing underfloor heating?

Choosing underfloor heating is a real challenge. Before making a specific decision, you need to familiarize yourself with the functioning of each of the possible ways. The advantages and disadvantages of each should be weighed and a subjective assessment made. The choice of heating suggested by our neighbor will not always meet our expectations. However, it is clear that all types of underfloor heating have common advantages. We discussed them in the first part of the statement. You have to reckon with the fact that when choosing this option of heating our home, the temperature may be lower than in the case of traditional heating. Fortunately, thanks to the specification of this system, it is not that noticeable.

Despite the costs to be incurred when installing any of the types of heating mentioned, it is worth choosing them. What is not done for aesthetics?

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