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Maintenance of automated warehouses

1. Maintenance of automated warehouses – let’s invest in the future!
2. Maintaining automated warehouses – operational efficiency is an asset.
3. How should a breakdown preventive maintenance plan run properly in a retrofitted warehouse?
4. Let’s remember about the necessary updates of the implemented systems.
5. Let’s take care of technical support in WMS updates.
6. Industrial shelves and an investment in their lifetime.

Maintenance of automated warehouses - let's invest in the future!

The components of modern warehousing are:

  • software that we use to manage storage processes;
  • modern industrial shelves mounted;
  • robots that contribute to the gradual reduction of human resources.

The above ingredients are of course a colossal improvement in tedious activities. All changes that support work ergonomics are, of course, associated with expenses. The costs are related not only to the purchase and implementation of the software or the assembly of the said racks. With this investment, we must also take into account the maintenance costs of the shelves. In the case of the robot software being infected, however, we have to take into account different prices for restoring factory settings. Such activities are automated warehouse maintenance, in other words industrial maintenance.

Maintaining automated warehouses - operational efficiency is an asset

When dealing with storage, we cannot afford to paralyze our business as a result of a failure or other activities. There are several types of activities aimed at keeping warehouse processes in working order. The efficiency of these processes is closely related to the prevention of failures, and in the event of their occurrence with an action plan to eliminate them. Our goals in this respect should therefore be: minimizing operating expenses, ensuring maximum equipment efficiency and installation safety.

When it comes to the maintenance of equipment and racks operating in the warehouse, we must focus on the current weaknesses of the equipment, as well as on preventive actions. The latter actions are included by the producers in the operating instructions for the devices, as part of the so-called preventive maintenance plan recommendations.

How should a breakdown preventive maintenance plan run properly in a retrofitted warehouse?

In order for the storage processes to run properly, the devices should be followed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, it is important to include general maintenance protocols. Then there is a greater chance that we will not skip any important treatment. Each failure must be preliminarily analyzed. Maintenance tasks include regular parameter logging and electrical checks.

It is also important that we keep the devices clean. We must also take into account the legal aspect that helps to prevent any dangers during the performance of warehouse work while supervising and operating the device.

Let's remember about the necessary updates of the implemented systems

If your warehouse has implemented software that controls the processes of warehousing, it is important to monitor their condition on an ongoing basis in terms of the implementation of updates. There are many development teams on the market that offer such services in their Software Solutions. Therefore, it is worth using their help and bearing the costs, because it is too risky to count on the proverbial ourselves, especially when we do not have the necessary competences.

Such teams help to monitor the efficiency of the software controlling the automated warehouse. They do this by working on new security features and improving program performance. There is also an important aspect of security that should be entrusted to qualified programmers.

Let's take care of technical support in WMS updates

The software house employees are always at the disposal of their clients. It is necessary – of course – to document such cooperation by signing a license maintenance agreement. It is necessary, regardless of the model we choose. The above activities will certainly result in constant access to technical support in the form of telephone or internet.

What can they do for us? As already mentioned, they enable access to enhancing functions. At the same time, they constantly monitor the status of the updates necessary for the proper functioning of the software, implemented on an ongoing basis. Any deficiencies are remedied remotely by technicians, which is a real advantage in terms of saving time. It takes place using a VPN virtual private network.

Industrial shelves and an investment in their lifetime

Above, we have presented the best possible way to ensure the efficiency of the software that manages the warehousing processes. In order to ensure safety during warehouse activities, it is also important to inspect industrial shelves. This is important because the good condition of these racks is a prerequisite for the proper storage of goods. How can this be done?

There are many companies on the market that offer rack assessment and maintenance services. These services can be compared to car inspections, with the difference that, of course, such a technician must go to the warehouse on his own to review and prepare reports on the activities performed. It is important that no fault is neglected.

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